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October 14, 2022

Yokel /noun/ ˈjəʊk(ə)l

Yokel is a derogatory term referring to simple, naïve, and unsophisticated country folk.

In a Sentence

It was impossible to convince the yokel that penicillin would save the sick from infections.

After seeing the new girl struggle to get to school, Carol told her friends, "Susan is such a yokel. She didn't even know how to get on the subway."

People who move from New York to a small southern town have a hard time getting along with all the yokels.


The exact origins of yokel aren't known. Some believe the word originated from the English use of the word yokel, which referred to green woodpeckers. However, others believe that word first started in 1812 from the German word jokel, a diminutive of Jacob. We began using it to refer to simple country folk in 1819.


Hick, Redneck, Bumpkin


City-Slicker, Urbanite, Townie


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