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September 22, 2022

Zaftig / adjective / zaf·tuhg

We use the word zaftig as an informal adjective to describe the voluptuous figure of a woman. English speakers depict a woman seen as pleasingly plump by using the word zaftig to describe the rounded shape and size of women.

This informal adjective has a positive connotation when used to describe curvy and shapely women. English speakers use it along with similar words like "busty" and "shapely to describe full-figured women with rounded features.

In a Sentence

The zaftig woman caught the attention of all the men in the room when she entered wearing a shape-hugging dress.

There is an ongoing debate in the community about whether it is better to be zaftig or slender for health reasons.

Some women are born with genes that make them naturally zaftig and voluptuous, while other women are born with less shapely characteristics.


It is unclear when English speakers started using the word zaftig. However, it's likely that this word was first used sometime in the late 1800s.

The word zaftig comes from the Middle Dutch zeefdig, meaning plump. There are also versions of zaftig found in the Yiddish language as zaftik, which means juicy or succulent, in the early 1900s. Today, English speakers still use the word zaftig to depict women seen as fat and prosperous.


Ample, Chubby


Slender, Unshapely


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